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Sep 18, 2011 5:30am PDT
medals in the paraolympics. called one of the most inspirg women in america, bonnie st. john is our slice of women in america, bonnie st. john is our slice of life. ♪ >> i grew up in san diego, california, which is unusual for an african-american with one leg with no snow to end up becoming a ski racer. >> voted one of the most inspirational women in america, 46-year-old bonnie st. john was born with a birth defect that stunted the growth in one of her legs and at 5 years old, doctors told her they would have to an tape. but had she was determined to have an ordinary life. it was a high school friend who introduced her to skiing. >> it is amazing because she's white, i'm black and she didn't see differences. she reached out and said, hey, you know, let's go skiing together. so it's -- it's amazing how somebody can change your life. i started skiing and found out there were a lot of other amputees who skied and raced, so this was my chance to really find out what i was made of and see if i could make the u.s. team. and so i really went for it. >> did she ever. bonnie made the pa
Sep 18, 2011 4:30am PDT
into the ocean. with diana in the water, bonnie stoll assumes command. >> don't worry about it at all. >> one hour. >> best friend. drill sergeant. bonnie will lead an army of handlers that will follow bonnie's every stroke to nourish, encourage, and protect her. >> fabulous. >> one of their biggest concerns, sharks. >> these are great waters for sharks. >> luke tipple is the team's lead shark diver. he knows just how dangerous these waters can be. >> you're watching this chum box that's hanging off the back of the boat. in these particular waters, we're looking for oceanic white tips, hammer heads, tiger sharks, caribbean reef sharks. this animal has evolved to dominate the ocean. they have a sixth sense. they can feel the electricity in the water. they know that we're there. >> and that's why in 1978 diana swam in a shark cage. today she just uses this. >> sharks are tremendously sensitive to this. this is actually in the kayak. >> it's called a shark shield. off the coast of the bahamas, tipple shows us how it works. it's a shark feeding frenzy at this block of chum until tipple approaches
Sep 18, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. former redskins bonny holliday says, hey, rex, let me put your pad back. second quarter, it's 7-3, cardinals. high tower gets the handoff and breaks off a 20-yard run. hightower finished with 96 yards rushing. that would lead to a three-point redskins lead. third quarter, 14-13, cards with the ball. kevin kolb gets rid of it. fitzgerald wins a foot race, 73-yard td. arizona takes a 21-13 lead. later in the fourth, same score, redskins going for it on fourth and three. grossman, perfect pass to santana moss. 18-yard score. redskins cut the deficit to two. grossman had 291 and two tds. then, less than two minutes to play, graham cano, 34 yards out, it's up and it's good. redskins up 22-21. cardinals still have a chance. kevin kolb to chancy stuckey, but byron westbrook knocks it loose and reid dowdy recovers the fumble and that's it. wow, the redskins hang on to win it 22-21 is the final. t the redskins improve to 2-1. live to redskins field to dan hellie. >> my favorite line post game came from steven bowie when he said, you know, we're not going to eat the cheese just yet. it to
Sep 17, 2011 9:00pm CDT
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Sep 18, 2011 9:30am EDT
'm tara wall sitting in for bonnie erbe. welcome to "to the contrary," a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, the nation's capital takes on kids and sex. a new standardized test in the district of columbia will test children on more than just reading and math. this test will have questions on human sexuality, contraception and drug use. the 50-question exam debuts this spring and is the nation's first and only. washington, d.c., has some of the country's highest rates for teen pregnancy and stds and school officials hope the test will explain what knowledge students have about these topics. but sex education and standardized testing are controversial topics for parents and teachers. and some parents are concerned sex education topics will now be taught to the test like reading and math. others praise the district's new initiative but worry it doesn't do enough for prevention. the test will also include questions about exercise, healthy eating and mental health. >> is the district doing the right thing for its students? >> tara, i don't know about th
Sep 18, 2011 6:00am PDT
with infamous criminal couples, bonnie and clyde, butch and sundance and in the movies. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery. >> reporter: thelma and louise. >> think you found your calling? >> maybe, maybe. call of the wild! >> reporter: now upper darby township police are accusing a real-life couple. >> they stole because they could, it was a challenge and exciting. >> reporter: 19-year-old britney singleton and harley rose gifford are lovers who also apparently loved to take whatever they could. >> they just enjoyed stealing and used people's homes as their private shopping centers. >> reporter: for several months, they allegedly did their shopping in neighborhood homes. >> a hurricane came through. everything upside down. sofas were turned over. >> reporter: stacy lunsford took pictures of what the women did to her apartment. >> this was open, all of the stuff was on the floor. >> reporter: the pair would usually break in during broad daylight and steal everything, jewelry, religious icons, baseballs, electronics, toys, $22,000 in cash, a gun and this 52-inch flat-screen
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)